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Hong Kong Allall Information Media Group Limited is an enterprise specializing in industry media, industry exhibitions, and business conferences. Since its establishment in 1997, it has operated under the motto of "Customer Competitiveness, Allall Motivation". With deep cultivation in the fields of industry media and professional exhibitions, it has successfully shaped the outstanding brand "Allall Information".

With over two decades of dedicated operation and accumulation, Allall Information has achieved remarkable results in the field of industry media. Its subsidiaries, China Printing Website, China Logo Website, "Advertising Products and Production", "Textile Printing", "Lubricant Buying Guide", and other seasoned professional websites and journals, with their unique perspectives and progressive attitudes, focus on the industry's vision and lead the trend of the times. They have become one of the elite magazines in their respective industries.

Relying on the rich resources of industry media, Allall Information has moved from tentative attempts to success in the fields of professional exhibitions and industry conferences. In 2006, it independently organized the first domestic Textile Printing Professional Exhibition - CITPE (International Textile Printing Industry Technology Exhibition), which caused a strong response in the industry. The annual International Textile Printing Industry Technology Exhibition, operated in the two major economic centers of East China and South China, has continued to grow in scale and influence, marking the beginning of the continuous expansion and deepening of Allall Information's exhibition projects. In the field of metalworking fluids, since 2016, Allall Information has held the annual Metalworking Fluid International Forum in Shanghai, China. Its scale and influence have surpassed each previous edition, earning high praise in this professional field.

As China's economic development enters a phase of moderate transformation, domestic production capacity is bound to expand overseas. Allall Information, keeping pace with the times, has begun to provide specialized services for Chinese companies going global. The first target is the ASEAN and Southeast Asian economic circles. Since 2016, Allall Information has held the first Vietnam International Textile Printing Industry Technology Exhibition (VITPE) in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, and has continued to hold it regularly every year, becoming a grand event in the ASEAN industrial circle.

Allall Information's supporting services in the ASEAN and Southeast Asian regions continue to expand and deepen. In recent years, it has gradually established its presence in countries such as Cambodia and Indonesia. In the future, Allall Information hopes to provide a wider range of supporting services for industry customers' strategies for going global, and to practice our business philosophy and promise in enhancing our customers' competitiveness in international market development!

The enterprising Allall Information will continue to pay attention to customer needs, provide more valuable services for customers, and achieve win-win cooperation with customers; the open-minded Allall Information will absorb advanced ideas and cultures with a broad mind, gather talents from all directions, and transform them into inexhaustible driving force for progress; the pragmatic Allall Information will take every success or failure as a driving force for progress, hold its head high, and pursue a more steady and sustainable future.

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