Vietnam International Textile, Clothing and Printing Industry Expo

2023 Sept 21 - 23
WTC Binh Duong New City Expo, Vietnam

Exhibitions Introduction

In recent years, interruption of domestic and foreign exchanges as well as uncertain factors in the general environment is causing difficulties for China’s textile and garment industry. Not only orders of printing, embroidery, garment-making equipments and materials decreased significantly, but also some orders have been transferred to ASEAN countries such as Vietnam and Indonesia. Coupled with continuous decline in overall demand and continuous rise in labor costs, the profit margins of many textile and garment enterprises have been compressed, and the market space of printing, embroidery and garment equipment and material manufacturers has been affected greatly. It is urgent to break through geographical restrictions and find new business opportunities.

Meanwhile, taking advantage of the new opportunities brought by the free trade agreement, Vietnam's economic miracle has attracted the attention of global investors and entrepreneurs. Vietnam has surpassed India to become the world's second largest textile and garment exporter. The proportion of Southeast Asian countries represented by Vietnam in global garment exports has gradually increased, so does their role in textile raw materials supply chain. After COVID-19 was under control, Vietnam began to resume work and production. The growth of Vietnam's textile and garment industry is back to pre-pandemic level, the output of the textile and garment industry in the first quarter of 2022 is equivalent to 6.2 times that of the same period last year. Vietnam's economic prospect is extremely bright and will become the future market target of global enterprises.

2023 Vietnam International Textile, Clothing and Printing industry Expo is committed to building a communication platform for the entire textile and garment industry chain, helping bring new opportunities for global enterprises enter Vietnam market.

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WTC Binh Duong New City Expo, Vietnam
WTC Binh Duong New City Expo, Vietnam
Add: WTC Binh Duong New City Expo, Vietnam
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