19th Guangzhou International Textile, Clothing and Printing Industry Expo

2024 May 20 - 22
Guangzhou PWTC Expo

Exhibition Introduction

Host: Hongkong Allallinfo Media Group Limited

Organizer: Guangzhou Allallinfo Communication Co., Ltd., “Textile Printing” Magazine

Avenue: Guangzhou PWTC Expo

1、 Exhibition schedule

Set up time: May 18 - 19, 2024

Preparation completed date: May 19, 2024

Exhibition time: May 20 - 22, 2024

Dismantling date: May 23, 2024

2、About Exhibition

Hongkong Allallinfo Media Group Limited is an information media company with a diversified business structure. Since our establishment in 1997, we has made in-depth efforts in three major fields of industry media, professional exhibitions, e-commerce and has successfully created the outstanding brand “Allallinfo”. Relying on rich media resources, Allallinfo has always focused on organizing professional visitors, providing domestic and international industry information, as well as promoting substantial trade and cooperation. We has successfully held 18 International Textile Printing Industry Technology Exhibitions which received unanimous praise from exhibitors, visitors and industry people.

Based on current market status and development trends of textile printing, embroidery, printing and dyeing industry as well as intelligent garment manufacturing industries, and with the help of 18 years’ accumulation and gains in digital printing industry, Guangzhou International Textile, Clothing and Printing Industry Expo (ITCPE) has become a professional exhibition with wide influence, high popularity and good effect. Focusing on textile printing equipments and materials trading market, we are committed to creating the best exhibit, communicate and trade platform for enterprises in the industry.

As the first highly influential textile printing professional exhibition in China, ITCPE has become an important way for domestic and foreign enterprises to explore the market. Each session has attracted more than 800 exhibitors as well as tens of thousands visitors. Adhering to the core concept of “Your competitive power - Our prime power”, Allallinfo will continue to pay attention to customer needs, make good use of international resources and years of professional experience in operating international textile expos, adapt to garment manufacturing and textile printing market situation to organize more professional, larger-scale, higher-effect ITCPE.

3、About Binh Duong's textile industry

Printing equipments: Digital jet printing systems, Fully automatic / semi-automatic / manual printing machines, transfer printing equipments, steaming machines, stretching machines and other finishing equipments, flat screen printing and rotary screen printing machines, laser engraving and cutting equipments, printing plates assembly lines, etc.

Printing and dyeing equipments, accessories: Pre- and post-printing and dyeing equipments, dehydration and drying equipments, starching systems, waste gas / water treatment systems, etc.

Embroidery equipments: Single-head embroidery machines, multi-head embroidery machines, garment computer embroidery machines, plate making system and embroidery software, CNC system and parts, etc.

Intelligent sewing equipments: Sewing equipments, CNC and propulsion systems, fabric cutting / stretching / ironing / finishing equipments, hanger systems, packaging equipments, laser equipments, automated garment production solutions, etc.

Fabrics and accessories: Various kinds of garment fabrics, functional/sportswear fabrics, pattern designs, heat transfer films, beads / appliques / sequins, etc.

Printing materials: Printing dyes, coatings, glues, water slurries, thermosetting inks, pastes, thickeners and other auxiliaries, etc.

Chemical dyes and auxiliaries: Various dyes, pre- and post-printing and dyeing treatments, etc.

Smart softwares: CAD systems, 3D body measurement softwares, 3D fitting softwares, 3D intelligent design systems, etc.

Customization: Fabrics and accessories, blank T-shirts, patterns and designs, e-commerce platforms, equipment suppliers, etc.

Others: Plate making equipments, screens, photosensitive adhesives, thermal transfer printing and water transfer printing equipments, materials, various patents, technologies and software related to textile printing, professional newspapers, magazines and media, etc.


Advertising: Advertising on professional media, national and regional newspapers, billboards, TV

Organizer’s promotion: Based on its huge database, “Textile Printing” magazine will invite subscribed customers to visit ITCPE

International promotion: Organizer will cooperate with foreign websites and magazines, as wel as actively participate in textile-related exhibitions held in various countries to promote ITCPE, attract more foreign exhibitors and visitors to the exhibition.

Invitation letter sending: 200,000 visit tickets and 50,000 invitation letter will be sent to target audience by post, fax, delivery and email.

Various concurrent activities: Press conferences, new product promotion meetings and other related activities

Surprises at ITCPE - "Grand Prizes Waiting for You" event

Guangzhou International Textile and Garment Customization Forum

T stage show competing for beauty, leading the most cutting-edge printing trends



六、catalogue and live ad


七、Contact information


Exhibition Information
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