19th Guangzhou International Textile, Clothing and Printing Industry Expo

2024 May 20 - 22
Guangzhou PWTC Expo

Scope of Exhibition

1、Printing machinery:

Fully automatic printing machine, semiautomatic printing machine, manual printing  machine, flat screen printing machine, oval screen printing machine, plate-making  equipment, drying tunnel, printing table,  heat press machine, bronzing machine,  digital jet printing system, computerintegrated inkjet screen patterning system,  pulp mixing equipment, dyeing and finishing  equipment, etc.

2、Printing materials

Pyrosetting ink, printing glue, printing auxiliary agent, resin, printing paste, transfer paper, flocking paper, bronzing paper, glitter powder, adhesive powder, printing and dyeing auxiliaries, digital ink for textile and clothing, etc.

3、Fabrics and accessories

All kinds of clothing fabrics, functional/sportswear fabrics, pattern design, heat transfer andheat transfer film, pearl diamonds/appliques/sequins, etc.

4、Embroidery machinery and accessories

Single-head embroidery machines, multi-headembroidery machines, computerized garment embroidery machines, pattern making systems and embroidery softwares, CNC system and parts, etc.

5、Intelligent sewing machinery

Sewing equipments and control systems, actuation systems, fabric pulling and cutting equipments, ironing and finishing equipments, hanging transmission systems, packaging equipments, laser equipments, automated garment production lines, etc.

6、Printing, dyeing machinery and materials

Various dyes, pre-printing and dyeing finishing equipments, post-finishing equipments, treatment agents, dehydration and drying equipments, sizing systems, printing and dyeing waste gas, water treatment systems, etc.

7、Clothing machinery parts

Motor drive equipment, rotary shuttle, needle, ball connecting rod, belt, intelligent control and sensing, other auxiliary equipments.

8、Ultrasonic / laser equipments

High performance laser cutting machine,  engraving machine, cutting machine, laser  marking machine, ultrasonic hot melt sewing  machine, ultrasonic lace machine, eltrasonic  placement machine.

9、Customized clothing equipments

3D body scanning, imaging equipment, 3D intelligent fitting system, clothing custom printing equipment, clothing customization related systems, software, internet + clothing industry 4.0 related technologies and equipment, etc.


Computer color separation and plate making software, computer color matching software, printing screen, photosensitive glue, heat transfer printing and cool transfer printing equipment, materials, machinery, patents, technologies and softwares related to textiles, textile newspapers, magazines and media, etc.

Exhibition Information
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